Saturday, February 02, 2008

Synchroning KDE settings; Plasma updates

First of all, thanx to all who gave replied to my previous blog item KDE 4.0.0: no Yukuake for Kubuntu?"! I got my desktop machine run KDE4 now, with Yakuake and with being able to lock the screen.

Now, regarding the taskbar; I haven't placed it on top of my screen, as I could not find those coordinates adz21c was talking about. That's really a minor thing. Now, the Plasma taskbar has seen many improvements over the last days, like the two row taskbar, and the ability to make is somewhat smaller.

Riddel wrote a tool to synchronize KDE settings between machines. It's actually amazing that in the era where KDE is able to have a central architecture for 'personal information' (Akonadi), and we have technologies like bzr, svn, that we still have to hack workarounds to synchronize our desktop environments. Of course, I already have the data of my desktop synchronized via repositories, but things as far from automatically done...

The tool made by Riddel is such a workaround, a really promising one (looking forward to the Kubuntu package! BTW, does it support both KDE3 and KDE4?), but it is surprising that it is not the default yet.


Anonymous said...

I believe that kconfig now supports multiple backends, including e.g. an ldap store. I read that in one of Aaron's blog, but I don't know when he wrote that. Perhaps this blog is of any help:

Crvena Zvezda said...

A roaming profile solution for *NIX desktops is something I've been missing for years. I know there are tools one can configure to do offline folders etc. But in the non techie world (and my lazy one ;) ) we need tolls which just do all this in the background. Magic that just understands when you are offline, online outside the company/home network, online within the company/home network, on a new computer in the company/home network etc. Damn the future looks bright :)

Yes I'm rambling. But I could not register to comment on kdedevelopers :(

Anonymous said...

Nice as it is to have global roaming configurations on the internet, i would much rather first see a framework/implementation of being able to separate and organize all KDE settings, applilcation settings,user settings so that you can

a) easily migrate machine to machine
b) easily migrate from distro to distro
c) easily migrate from KDE release to releaase
d) back up and restore settings and set checkpoints