Saturday, February 02, 2008

Synchroning KDE settings; Plasma updates

First of all, thanx to all who gave replied to my previous blog item KDE 4.0.0: no Yukuake for Kubuntu?"! I got my desktop machine run KDE4 now, with Yakuake and with being able to lock the screen.

Now, regarding the taskbar; I haven't placed it on top of my screen, as I could not find those coordinates adz21c was talking about. That's really a minor thing. Now, the Plasma taskbar has seen many improvements over the last days, like the two row taskbar, and the ability to make is somewhat smaller.

Riddel wrote a tool to synchronize KDE settings between machines. It's actually amazing that in the era where KDE is able to have a central architecture for 'personal information' (Akonadi), and we have technologies like bzr, svn, that we still have to hack workarounds to synchronize our desktop environments. Of course, I already have the data of my desktop synchronized via repositories, but things as far from automatically done...

The tool made by Riddel is such a workaround, a really promising one (looking forward to the Kubuntu package! BTW, does it support both KDE3 and KDE4?), but it is surprising that it is not the default yet.