Saturday, January 19, 2008

KDE 4.0.0: no Yukuake for Kubuntu?

Last week I installed the Kubuntu gutsy packages for KDE 4.0.0, and was delighted about the result (see the visual guide). Surely, I have some things I got so much used too, which do not seem 4.0.0 material:
  • taskbar at the top of the desktop
  • option to resize the taskbar
  • searching files with I tagged/rated with Dolphin/Nepomuk
  • Strigi still does not have PDF support (and I'm not that fluent in C++)
And, there are many things which showed up in blogs over the past year, which do not have made it into 4.0.0:On the other hand, maybe I just forgot to install some packages, though I installed the extragear-plasma.

Though I very much like the new Konsole, I got so used to Yakuake, this will keep me running a KDE3 for just now. KDE4 capable packages are reported (version 2.9b1) but I failed to compiled these on Kubuntu Gutsy:
cd /tmp
cp ~/Desktop/yakuake-2.9-beta1.tar.bz2 .
tar xvjf yakuake-2.9-beta1.tar.bz2
cd yakuake-2.9-beta1/
cd build/
sudo aptitude install build-essential cmake kdebase-workspace-dev
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4 ..
After which I am stuck with this error message, I have no idea of how to solve in gutsy:
CMake Error: Qt compiled without support for -fvisibility=hidden. This will break
plugins and linking of some applications. Please fix your Qt installation.
-- Configuring done

Anyway, congratulation to the KDE developers, and looking forward to the upcoming dotdot releases and KDE4.1 this summer! If not just for the planned better Strigi/Nepomuk/KDE integration.

P.S.: I just discovered the plasmoid section on, which I'm going to browse right now.