Saturday, January 19, 2008

KDE 4.0.0: no Yukuake for Kubuntu?

Last week I installed the Kubuntu gutsy packages for KDE 4.0.0, and was delighted about the result (see the visual guide). Surely, I have some things I got so much used too, which do not seem 4.0.0 material:
  • taskbar at the top of the desktop
  • option to resize the taskbar
  • searching files with I tagged/rated with Dolphin/Nepomuk
  • Strigi still does not have PDF support (and I'm not that fluent in C++)
And, there are many things which showed up in blogs over the past year, which do not have made it into 4.0.0:On the other hand, maybe I just forgot to install some packages, though I installed the extragear-plasma.

Though I very much like the new Konsole, I got so used to Yakuake, this will keep me running a KDE3 for just now. KDE4 capable packages are reported (version 2.9b1) but I failed to compiled these on Kubuntu Gutsy:
cd /tmp
cp ~/Desktop/yakuake-2.9-beta1.tar.bz2 .
tar xvjf yakuake-2.9-beta1.tar.bz2
cd yakuake-2.9-beta1/
cd build/
sudo aptitude install build-essential cmake kdebase-workspace-dev
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4 ..
After which I am stuck with this error message, I have no idea of how to solve in gutsy:
CMake Error: Qt compiled without support for -fvisibility=hidden. This will break
plugins and linking of some applications. Please fix your Qt installation.
-- Configuring done

Anyway, congratulation to the KDE developers, and looking forward to the upcoming dotdot releases and KDE4.1 this summer! If not just for the planned better Strigi/Nepomuk/KDE integration.

P.S.: I just discovered the plasmoid section on, which I'm going to browse right now.


adz21c said...

Just thought I would point out you can move the panel to the top of the screen by fiddling with the config files (and it's actually quite easy).

Kill Plasma
Open ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc
Search for the containment with the plugin of panel
Change the location option appropriately (trial and error, its just a number)
Save and relaunch plasma.

Not as nice as doing it via a Gui, but just in case you really want to move the panel.

Egon Willighagen said...

Hi adz21c,

sounds good. However, the content looks like:



And I don't quite get where to edit/add the location...

nixternal said...

Yakuake for Kubuntu is current in the "New" queue for Hardy. I will talk to Terence about putting it into the PPA for Gutsy users.

Anonymous said...

The KDE4 version of Yakuake is also in the KDE SVN now. According to comments on the dot, it works well.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was in KDE SVN about 10 days before the beta was released - the Commit Digest is published with a certain delay. There haven't been any changes since the beta was released, either, i.e. the beta1 code is current.

The error message about -fvisibility=hidden is built into the KDE build system, so it's not Yakuake's code specifically testing/asking for that.

Terence said...

You'll be happy to know that yakuake-kde4 is now in the PPA for Gutsy. Should be apt-getable by now :)

Egon Willighagen said...

Terence, yes, that makes me very happy indeed!

I realized this morning that there is one last show stopper... I work with confidential data, so when I leave my working place, I lock my screen. However, the Kubuntu packages did not seem to have a 'greeter' configured, making it impossible to lock the screen.

Terence said...

We noticed this a little while ago, it seem that it needs kdm-kde4 installed to get the greeter working. You don't have to select to use kdm-kde4 is the default display manager (in fact we recommend against it for the time being), but just have the package installed. We're looking at possibly adding a recommends/suggests relationship to kdebase-workspace on kdm-kde4, but we'd rather try and make kdm-kde4 somewhat usable first (which is becoming a major headache).