Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fish: my next generation sh?

Casper introduced me to fish in a nice write up of functionality. Nice tip! I have been using BASH for a long time now, before which I used csh, IIRC. Oi, that was on the old Solaris days. Anyway, default settings are quite nice, but one thing I don't like so much is the abbreviated pwd in the prompt. At least, not for the full prompt. It would suite me best of the last two or three directories were not abbreviated, but could not find an option for that.

Workaround is to simply define a new prompt in ~/.config/fish/, where I changed it default prompt to use pwd instead of prompt_pwd.


Simon Edwards said...

I've been using fish for a while too and also had to change the prompt slightly. I like it a lot. I can remember the 'for' syntax and it works as expected and doesn't break on filename containing spaces. Which is just what I need in an interactive shell. Instead of shell scripts I just use Python. :-)

Are you really living in Nijmegen? That would make you the 4th KDE person in Nijmegen.



Anonymous said...

Use the ZSH Luke.

krilli said...

Do try fish yourself, then come back and tell us what we should do.

Egon Willighagen said...

Simon, when I wrote the blog I was indeed living in Nijmegen. I have been to one of the KDE meetings in Lent. Since then I moved to Uppsala, Sweden.

Pink Laptop said...

I think fish is nice and solid, with some good functionality. Kudos!