Saturday, January 13, 2007

New: a Konqueror userscript plugin

Maybe neofreko read my blog item about userscripts for chemistry about a week ago, but he started working on userscript support in Konqueror. He seems to aim at Greasemonkey compatibility, and writes:
    Looking at the quality of my code, it's obvious that my C++/Qt/KDE skill is .. questionable :D. Thus, help from others would be definitely warmly accepted :)

I have not compiled it yet, but comments have been positive, but will do so soon to test the chemistry userscripts I wrote. Cheers, neofreko!


Anonymous said...

the bugzilla still contains a request to use gethotnewstuff to get webmail scripts for kmail which was another idea that was ignored as the comments said "use poppy instead" in a not user friendly way

Akhmad Fathonih said...

I'm sure I've read your blog :). I remembered I got desperate, again, when I found another not-actually a Konqueror Userscript plugin :D. Hehe.

I'm not sure wether I've written my jokes right. It should be: "my skill is .. well .. to be questioned". I hope I don't get anyone thinking the opposite :D.

unfortunately my Konq doesn't support document.evaluate() aka XPath

Egon Willighagen said...


indeed not every developer is always even friendly. Well, at least it contained a suggestion. I've seen worse.

Egon Willighagen said...


in 2005 there was some discussion on XPath in KDE. Whatever you skill is, I think you touched a very nice feature missing in Konqueror. And you get it done, that is important.

I hope that my blog item will trigger feedback from other KDE developers. I am not that much of a KDE programmer, and only have a few patches around in KDE SVN.

BTW, you seem to blog too, but your profile is hidden, so could not look it up...