Friday, November 03, 2006

Searching database from within Konqueror

Resal, who earlier released a KDE based GUI for GROMACS, described a recipe on how biochemical databases can be added to the search bar in Konqueror:

Click on the left side of Konq search box, a menu appears. At the bottom of this menu there is an option saying:
"Select search engines..."
click it and when the search engine dialog appears, select "New" and enter:

Search Provider Name: PDB
Search URI:\{@}&image.x=10&image.y=6&image=Search
URI Shortcut: pdb

Press Ok and again click "New" and these :
Search Provider Name: Entrez
Search URI:\{@}
URI Shortcut: ent

Press OK and then check the boxes at the right of PDB and Entrez in the search engine dialog to add them
to your Konq current list of search engines.

Hope to be useful
Reza Salari

(These above bits are licensed GPL, with copyright by Reza Salari.)

An Alternative: Web Shortcuts

An alternative would be to use Konqueror's Web Shortcuts technology, to allow you to just type in the URL bar pdb:1CRN for the PDB database, or ent:1CRN for Entrez. To do this, click in Konqueror's menu Settings, and then Configure Konqueror.... Click the 'Web Shortcuts' icon in the left list, and click the New... button that then appears on the right. The shortcut is the 'pdb' or 'ent' used in the earlier crambin example. The URI is exactly the same as those given in Reza's write up.

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